Insurance Matters

The lawyers of Lawyers West LLP are experienced in providing litigation services and coverage advice to insurance companies managing claims in BC and across Canada. We have trial and appellate experience at all levels of court including the Supreme Court of Canada.

Cost effectiveness, reliable legal opinions, accurate budgets and results consistent with recommendations are key components of our strategy for helping our insurance clients resolve claims.

Subrogation Issues

Our lawyers are prepared to share in your risk for your subrogation matters and accept contingency fee retainers for such work. For best results, involve us early to ensure the right experts are engaged and the evidence is retained. The fee is contingency so no need to wait and possibly miss a limitation period or lose the best evidence.

Leaky Condo Claims

These multiparty, complex and costly litigation disputes require knowledgeable legal counsel to implement proven strategies to obtain best results and protect the insured. At Lawyers West LLP we have the experience to assess, manage and resolve construction claims and coverage disputes effectively.

Catastrophic Bodily Injuries

Insurers need a proper and early assessment of liability issues, damages and legal expenses. The lawyers at Lawyers West LLP are proficient in assessing and managing these difficult claims and ensuring proper cost sharing arrangements are in place for common defense experts and expenses. If the matter proceeds to trial, we have the experience to provide and execute the right legal strategy for the defense of the claim.